Manager Resigns – 27/03/2016


The Club are sad to announce the resignation of First Team manager, Jon Purdie, who, for a mixture of business and personal reasons, has left the Club following yesterdays game at Pegasus Juniors.

Jon has issued an official statement (to follow) and, though his resignation was against the wishes of the Club, we respect his reasons, thank him for concerted efforts this season, and wish him well in his plans for the future.

All of us involved in the running of the Club fully appreciate how much time and effort Jon has put into the club this last twelve months and it’s been a pleasure to work with him and to have him associated with Bilston Town Football Club.

We are happy to stress that the decision to leave is Jon’s, and he does so with our blessing, thanks and appreciation.

In the immediate future, certainly until the season’s end, Youth Team Manager Scott Hamilton will be assuming First Team duties as well.

We hope that all First Team players will remain with us to the seasons end, at least as this change of management will see no piecemeal changes to team selection and we hope the players will respect the Club, just as the Club has respected them.

If any player does have concerns or queries, please approach or contact a Committee member or Scott, who will be happy to reassure them.

Once again, the club would like to place on record it’s thanks and appreciation to Jon, for his professionalism, honesty and integrity.



I made a decision early in the new year that I was not going to continue as Manager of Bilston Town next season 2016/17.

I felt it only fair to inform Graham, Denise and Paul to enable them to plan for a new manager and It was agreed that we would review the situation towards the end of March.

It was agreed that if they found a replacement I would step down for the last month of the season to enable the new manager, the players and the board to have a look at each other and try and have a smooth transition moving into the new season.

I would like to stress that I would have continued until the end of the season if a suitable replacement wasn’t available.

The reason for my resignation is simply that I wasn’t enjoying it – football is my hobby which I love and there is no point if the enjoyment goes.

Managing a football club at this level is very demanding, and requires a lot of time and effort which I couldn’t give anymore.

I would like to thank Graham, Denise,Paul,Eddie and everyone else behind the scenes for all their support and hard work and wish them and Bilston Town all the best in the future.

I want to thank Josh Skidmore for his support throughout and lastly a thanks to the players for giving their all during matches and training.

StatementsĀ taken from Bilston Towns Official Facebook.


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