Bilston Town 5-4 Wellington Amateurs

24/08/16 19:45 Bilston Town Community 5-4 Wellington Amateurs

Not going to go into detail on tonight’s match as there are many of us who might not survive reliving that second half!

At times we looked as good as Barcelona Under 14’s, at times we looked like the Keystone Cops Reserves but it goes without saying that the last minute winner from Kizza Clarke was more welcome than a cold beer in the Sahara……the relief on the field was evident, the get out of jail card was played on a night it should never have been needed.

Hopefully the winning goal will turn the tide and give the lads the confidence to bolt the doors shut when ahead in games although any neutrals in the stands will be hoping for more of the same, one thing we can’t be accused of is taking money at the gate and not providing value for money.

That said, we will happily take a couple of boring 1-0 wins just to get the blood pressure back down to somewhere near normal…….so it’s nine at the back and Kizza up front on Saturday at Wellington then!

Thanks for the support as ever, stick with Scott and the lads as we ride this August rollercoaster!

Article taken from Bilston Towns Official Facebook. (c) Bilston Town Community.


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