“The History of Bilston Town Volume 2 – The Fans Perspective” (If Carlsberg did Football Clubs!)

Following the unqualified success of the publication of The History of Bilston Town FC, last year, and taking on board much of the positive feedback received, we have been in discussion with local author, Jay Hearst, about writing a second book on the Club, this one being a supporters/players perspective of this wonderful old football club and I’m delighted to say that Jay is as excited about this proposal as we are.

The original book, while featuring interviews and facts with former players and managers, was very much a factual book.

As the title suggested, it chronicled the History of Bilston Town FC and Jay did a wonderful job researching, collating and editing tons of information in order to get the final book published.

But one thing that constantly cropped up when he interviewed former players, and something I always experience when I contact ex-players to invite them to reunions, is the affinity they still have for this football club.

They all, to a man, claim the best days of their career were spent at Bilston Town.

They all want to recount those times, with stories or anecdotes of their memories and supporters are the same.

Many of our supporters have followed the club through thick and thin, all with memories and stories to tell, and we want to immortalise those memories in this book. It will reflect a more emotional aspect of what this club – our club, your club – means to people.

We issued a letter/questionnaire in the Dudley Town programme a few weeks ago and we attach it the link to download this via our website, inviting you to send us your memories, stories or anecdotes.

Your most memorable game. The reason you continue to support the club. Your first game. Most memorable goal/player. Any amusing stories arising from playing/following the club. Your first impressions when walking through the gates.

Jay has distributed the same request to all his ‘Ground Hopper’ websites, as the random supporters seem to love the place every bit as much as the regulars!

This could be your first season as a player or supporter, age is irrelevant, we want to capture the magic that is Bilston Town and record it in this book.

Everyone has a part to play in getting this book written and published so make sure you pick up a letter today, explaining in more detail but you can email your memories to either graham_hodson (AT) hotmail.co.uk or bilstontownfcbook (AT) outlook.com.

Thanks for reading!​